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Southern Cement calls upon government of Iraq for protecting local products

23 Jan 2013
Southern Cement State Company implored the government on Thursday to implement the decisions that protect local products in the hope of giving support to the national economy. The company also did mention that it might not be able to pay the salaries of its employees because of the negative consequence resulting from flooding of the market with Iranian cement, and confirmed that it has about half a ton of cement in its warehouses. Sanan Al Saidi, who is the general of the cement company said in a statement on Thursday (17th January, 2013) that they call upon the central government for implementing the decisions that protect national products and bind ministries and contractors for buying local cement in view of promoting the Iraqi economy. He also mentioned that the cement sales in the 8 cement associated with the company moved back greatly in the last period. Al Saidi added to his statement that the company will not be able to pay its employees’ salaries due to the flooding the market with foreign cement, especially Iranian products while national ministries refrain from buying local cement. Al Saidi stressed, southern cement, which adopts a self-sufficient system, has at present within its warehouses about half a million tons of cement amounting to a value of almost 50 million dollars. Iran is trying to export great quantities of cement to Iraq for very low prices, which is causing disequilibrium in the local market, stated Al Saidi. He said that it is due to the economic crisis. He also emphasized on the fact that his company resorted to reducing its products’ prices to be able to compete with imported Iranian cement. The yearly consumption of Iraq of cement reaches 12 tons while national and governmental firms produce 6 tons yearly. On the contrary Iraq imports 10 tons of cement; as a result the available quantities surpass actual need, clarified Southern Cement’s general manager. Southern Cement State Company found in 20th June, 1995 and started operating on the first of July of the same year. The headquarters of it are also situated in Al Kufa in An Najaf province (160 km south west of the capital Baghdad), and includes 8 plants situated in An Najaf, Al Kufa, As Samawa, Al Mouthana, An Noura, Karbala was and Oum Qaser. This company produces 2 million tons per year, for example about half of the national cement output and provides jobs for 10 thousand employee and worker. Source: [Al Sumaria]
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