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Russian company to invest in oil refineries in Muthanna province

26 Jan 2013
Adel al-Yasiri, who is the director of Muthanna Investment Commission, said that one of Russian investment companies has stated their desire of investing in oil refineries in the governorate. He told to the Iraqi media that a delegation from the Russian company visited the Muthanna province and discussed over the investment opportunities in the province, referring to the important role of Russian companies in Iraq over the past decades and their execution to a range of planned projects in the country. For his part, Vladimir Popov, who is the Executive Director of the company, stated that his company has desire of investing in oil refineries’ establishments. He said that having considered the investment map of Muthanna province, they found quite a few promising and significant opportunities. They have concentrated on the oil refineries sector for their financial importance and their accumulated experience in this field. Source: [NINA]
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