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Texas Tech helps Iraqi students by providing education

30 Jan 2013
While talking about the people of Iraq, Dr. Ron Chesser expressed that the Iraqi people had been through decades of battle without having adequate attention paid to education of the next generation of scientists to come up through the system. He said that it took quite a few years of negotiation to put a good package together. Sometimes that was acceptable to the United States and also to the government of Iraq. Now he and Texas Tech are making it happen for the Iraqi students for gaining an education here in Lubbock. The offer was full scholarships to four outstanding students work in some discipline of science, Chesser stated. To become indoctrinated with the scientific techniques and teaching abilities and then to return to Iraq and help in building the curriculum in the institutions. The Minister of Education of Iraq wanted to match the gift Texas Tech gave, so the Iraq government will pay to send quite a few undergraduate students and teachers for studying at Tech. Chesser said that they also wanted to boost this at their expenditure by sending faculty and graduate students here, so that they could become familiar with the updated scientific methods and the teaching procedures. Chesser was given the idea after visiting the country in the year 2005 as part of a team elected for helping out dismantle the former nuclear facilities of Iraq. Dr. Chesser also said that their work there in Iraq since 2005 has given them a good reputation with the administrative bases and with the government offices. They are having hopes that they filter out into the educational system there. Chesser expressed his hopes about the possibility that the students can help out in teaching Texas Tech and Lubbock a little about the rest of the world. Dr. Ron also stated that bringing in students from Iraq not only improves them culturally by learning more about the countries around the world. But it does bring in uniqueness in the teaching opportunities. The eligible students for the scholarships are specialists in the fields of science, engineering, mathematics and technology. Source: [Everything Lubbock]
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