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Power station opens in Baghdad

03 Jan 2009
Minister of Electricity Kareem Waheed on Friday inaugurated an electricity-generating unit in a power station in northeastern Baghdad at a capacity of 125 megawatt, enhancing the station’s total capacity to 650 megawatt, a ministry official spokesman said. “The minister gave the go-ahead to experimental operation of the 10th unit in the gas-powered station of al-Quds in the presence of U.S. ambassador in Baghdad Ryan Crocker, expected to produce 125 megawatt,” Azeez Sultan told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He said the next few days are expected to witness the operation of the 9th unit in this station, also with a capacity of 125 megawatt. “Al-Quds power station is currently working at a capacity of 400 megawatt, to go up to 650 megawatt after the 9th and 10th units are operated,” Sultan said. He noted that the ministry seeks to increase production in that station to 800 megawatt after finalizing maintenance of the 1st unit and operate the 7th, which is now under maintenance. Al-Quds station is located in al-Rashidiya area, northeastern the Iraqi capital.
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