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Opening Ceyhan Bank for Islamic Investment and Development in Kurdistan

12 Apr 2009
The Minister of Finance in the Government of Kurdistan province, Baez Talabani has opened Ceyhan Bank for Islamic Investment and Development. He hoped that it will be trustworthy for the citizens and also pointed to the need of working according to the new world order of banking, leading to revive the financial and banking sector in Kurdistan region. Baez Talabani expressed the readiness of the Ministry of Finance in Kurdistan Regional Government to provide facilities and full assistance to owners of foreign capitals to come to the region and contribute to the financial sector. Meanwhile, the chairman of Ceyhan group noted that the goal of opening this bank is to provide qualified and new services, on the basis of Islamic shareholders for people, companies and government institutions and to adapt to the progress made in Kurdistan region and Iraq.
Prepared & Translated By: Team Iraq Daily Business Updates
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