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Services and Key Figures in Barsa - Iraq, Conferred by Jaafary

Ibrahim al-Jaafary, the head of the Iraqi National Alliance, concerned with some key development features of the Basra province, including the investment and service sectors of this province.

In a statement, he said that due to its rich natural resource and commercial centers, Barsa stands as the Iraqi economic capital. The overall Iraqi budget hugely depends on the production rate of this province, said Ibrahim al-Jaafary.
He pointed out the necessity of participating into the voting process of the state to choose the qualified people to run the state and take it to the leaps and bounds success. This should be considered as the national interest, not personal interest.

He proposed the chieftain to do his duty to conjugate the reasons of the crisis in different portions of Iraq and fighting with them with Great Spirit to overcome them in near future.
Updated 25 Feb 2013 | Soruce: AIN | By S.Seal
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