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Keenness shown by Italian companies to join Iraqi market

Recently, Italian companies have shown their willingness of joining the Iraqi market and they expressed their keenness to get into the partnerships with companies of the Housing and Construction Ministry.

Iraqi officials revealed that several Italian companies had discussed and showed their interests in providing their service in Iraq. In a statement, the MoHC reported that the Senior Undersecretary of the ministry, Istabraq Al-Shouk, met with a number of Italian companies specialized in constructions where they discussed how to enter the Iraqi markets to implement strategic projects in various sectors in Iraq.

The Undersecretary stated that they have encouraged and called Italian companies to get into the joint venture projects, through making contracts with the companies that are under the control of MoHC to implement the ministry's projects especially those of the roads, bridges, housing compounds, and hospitals. Setting up designs or building action plans and supervision tasks, and many more opportunities are there for the foreign companies and Italian companies can take advantage of that. These joint ventures will streamline the process of Iraqi infrastructural development which will aid the country, as well as the Italian companies will be largely benefitted through these.

The statement concluded, "For their part, representatives of the Italian companies expressed their great interest in sharing the Iraqi markets and hold partnerships with the Ministry's companies where field visits will be conducted to some departments correlated with the ministry.”
Updated 23 May 2013 | Soruce: AIN | By S.Seal
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