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Tourists grants to be offered to the tourism field investors by KRG

Tourist grants will be provided by Kurdistan regional government to the investors in the tourism of the region, as announced by the KRG. This will be a definite help for the entrepreneurs in that region, who are looking forward to set up their own business in the region, gaining the tourism opportunity of the region.
In a statement, the KRG has stated, "In order to develop the tourism sector in Kurdistan Region in a modern style, the Kurdistan Regional Government will provide tourism grants this year for the citizens who own or intend to implement tourism projects or rebuild the tourist places or buy special equipment to serve the tourists, in accordance with the instructions of article [28]."
It has to be noted that the statement further illustrated the subject of tourism grants is one of the recommendations of the tourism bureau in Kurdistan Region at its first and second conferences. According to a number of instructions and conditions, the grants will be paid off and it will be released, as well as determined by the Ministry of Finance.

Updated 26 Jun 2013 | Soruce: AIN | By S.Seal
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