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Baghdad calls upon French companies to invest in Iraq

Baghdad province called upon French companies on Tuesday July 23, to undertake investment projects while asking France to collaborate with the Baghdad province to rebuild and boost the economy.

“The province has important projects ahead in the health care level; namely building 3 big and specialized hospitals in Al Hurriyah, Al Fadiliyah and Al Shaab regions; containing about 800 beds”, said Baghdad’s governor Ali Al Tamimi in a press release of which Alsumaria got a copy. “The province has worked on choosing competent companies that enjoy great experience in the field of hospital and health institution construction”, he pointed out.

Al Tamimi called upon French companies to “invest in Baghdad the capital and implement projects there in the upcoming period”, revealing that “we are looking into French designs for the structural plan of hospitals”.

The French Ambassador in Iraq Denis Gauer called for “collaboration and coordination between France and Baghdad”, highlighting France’s commitment to support Iraq in all its efforts aiming for reconstruction and economy boosting”.

Iraq’s relations with France have improved remarkable after French President Nicolas Sarkozy visited Iraq in 2008. After this visit, French companies resumed their activity in Iraq after they stopped due to US-led invasion in 2003.
Updated 29 Jul 2013 | Soruce: Al Sumaria |
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