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Phone 1:
+964 771 4055847
Phone 2:
+964 750 4459143
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Manager Name:
Namir Zayer
Annual TurnOver:
USD 5 Million - USD 25 Million
Number of Employees:
6 - 25
Founded In:
Karada / 52 area
As Geerman world best Engine Oil SRS brand started to sell in Iraq exclusively by MESAN lube & petrochemicals since 2009 , since then SRS oil brand has been selling successfully leading highest reputation among other brands for its quality ,with stand heat and long drain interval SRS Oil Currently been used by many Government & Foreign companies working in constructions , road & bridges , Oil Drilling, Army equipment's, Ministries and the Automobile with heavy duty & light commercials . SRS ENGINE OIL & Automotive Lubricants made in Germany with the Highest level of quality lubricants SRS was established in 1865 first in the world and now days largest refinery in Europe with latest technology based In Germany Salzbergen SRS Oil is approved lubricants been marketing in Iraq since 2009 Exclusively distributed By Mesan Lube & Petrochemicals Company in Iraq . The quality standards of modern high performance engine oil grow with the capacity of the engines and extreme driving conditions. In order to meet them reputable car makers trust in first class products by SRS. The motor- and transmission lubricants exceed the performance commitment and are recommended by all leading car manufacturers as quality products.Approved and certified by Mercedes Benz.,BMW,VW , Mitsubishi, Caterpillar,MAN,TOTOTA,NISSAN,PORSCHE, Siemens,Cummins, Perking,MTU VOLVO, Hyundai,Kia Motors and Cummins , Deutz , ABB , Siemens , General Electric, We can supply you with list of products range 1- Turbine Oil 2-Marine Oils 3- Electric Generators 4- Compressor Oil 5- Turbine Oil G32 & G46 6- Grease 7- Antifreeze & Coolant 8- Industrial Oil 9- Rail Oil for Trains 10- Agriculture Tractor Oils 11- Pump Oils 12-Hydraulics . All Purpose Multi Viscosity Engine Oils Multi Viscosity Engine Oils For Passenger Cars Multi Viscosity Engine Oils For Commercial Vehicles Monograde Engine Oils Gas Engine Oils 4-Stroke-Oils For Motorbikes 2-Stroke Engine Oils Transmission Oil For Automatic Transmissions Transmission Oil For Manual Transmission And Drive Shafts Oils For Agricultural Machines Marine Oil Turbine Oil SRS offers many different oil grades for high performance cars with gasoline and Heavy duty diesel engines commercials and industrial oils ,SRS oils currently been distributed from few depots around Iraq from the north of Iraq city of Arbil from the middle of Iraq is the capital Baghdad and the south of Iraq Basrah City with Um Qasar Port, we can deliver to any location in Iraq daily bases if requires. There are always large quantity of stock available to insure the reliability of distribution network, SRS products gets imported directly from Germany with all approvals certificates and Data sheets and all SGS inspection reports and country of Origin certificates attached with original COC (Certificates of Conformity) SRS Oils give you 100% protection to all your Equipment , Machines , Engines,Vehicles .
Listing Date: 07 May 2013|Listing Update: 15 Sep 2013
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