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Iraqi dinar rate anticipated to increase

Iraqi dinar rate anticipated to increase
The Parliamentary Committee of Finance stated that Central Bank of Iraq is enhancing the American foreign currency sale to maintain Iraqi dinar exchange rate.

Ameen Hadi, PCF's member, told that exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar began to return gradually to its normal level. Iraqi Central Bank is taking up all measures to increase the sell of dollars. Hadi also said that it is not monopolizing to a limited number of banks and banking companies, due to terrific exchange facilities in Baghdad and other provinces of Iraq. This will surely lead to a stable position for exchange rate of Iraqi dinar compared to the dollar – as hoped by him.

As US dollar rate rose to 1125 ID from its previous 1120 ID, the exchange rate of Iraqi Dinar went down for the past few days.
Updated 13 Apr 2013 | Soruce: Zawya | By S.Seal
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