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Economic committee member urged CBI to resume the project of deletion of zeros from Iraqi dinars

Parliamentary commission of economy and investment of the Central Bank has been called by Iraq news network, in order to discuss the significance and process of deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currencies. It has to be noted that Iraq has recently got freedom from the sanctions of Chapter VII and according to the economic experts; it is advantageous to make decisions regarding restructuring of Iraqi currency at this moment. As the sanctions have been withdrawn, it is expected that Iraq will gain more business power in the world and will soon become a popular place for business venture.
In the presence of members of the Committee on the economy and investment, MP Khalil mehma stated that the Central Bank should start a currency structure as a purely economic issue. The Attorney pointed out on this issue that Iraqi constitution should be changed accordingly if Iraqi dinar has to be reformatted. He also mentioned that Iraq will be the first country to take this initiative of deleting zeros from its currencies. The government of Iraq has taken some significant steps to build the future of Iraq on the foundation of the foreign investments into the country. Central Bank’s initiative to omit zeros will make the economy of the country stable and certainly will help the investors. Not only that, the common people of Iraq will also be benefitted if such measures take place in near future as this will lead to price stability of the market goods.
MP Khalil also added that the project to omit zeros from the currencies of Iraq was pending due to the obligations of chapter VII. According to him government and the Central Bank of Iraq should rethink on this matter and should take swift measures to strengthen the economy of Iraq. Attorney Abdul Hussein abtan said project delays and the survival of the zeros in the Iraqi currency is reasonable as the Iraqi Central Bank reserves of 76 billion dollars and now dealing in thousands.
In the month of August of last year, the CBI stated that it was then planning on omission of zeros from the Iraqi currencies. The deletion of Iraqi dinar will facilitate financial transactions made through cash. However, there is a bigger challenge in the way of deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency. Presently, more than 30 trillion dinars circulating in the Iraqi market which have to be discarded and replaced with a new currency. This task would not be easy, as opined by experts and observers.

Updated 09 Aug 2013 | Soruce: AIN | By S.Seal
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