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Misys infrastructure has been upgraded by trade Bank of Iraq

To upgrade to develop a digital platform, Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) is working with core banking technology provider Misys.
Misys has reported that it has previously run two major projects with TBI in 2003 and 2009. The bank, claims to have introduced the market’s first ATM solutions and Visa and MasterCard offerings and is set to upgrade its existing core banking infrastructure through the implementation of the latest version of Misys FusionBanking Equation.
Additionally, products such as FusionBanking Essence Teller will be used to tray and deliver a more efficient branch network and customer experience.
On 14th October, the project was signed at Trade Bank of Iraq’s premises in Baghdad. Once the implementation is complete TBI will then embark on the second phase to add new products and services for its clients, in order to offer a complete end-to-end modern banking solution. This is intended to enable the bank to offer digital online and mobile banking applications, which are expected to generate new sources of revenue and increase customer loyalty.
Hamdiyah Mahmood Faraj Al-Jaff, chairman TBI, remarked, “We understand the importance of implementing advanced solutions in order for us to better serve our customers.”
He concluded, “Research has shown that with the aggressive entry of foreign banks into Iraq, a large portion of market share will be lost unless we make the effort to modernize at a rapid scale.”
Updated 18 Feb 2016 | Soruce: Banking Tech | By S.Seal
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