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Agreement signed to rebuild al-Muthana Bridge in Baghdad

Agreement signed to rebuild al-Muthana Bridge in Baghdad
Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terrorism (REFAATO) has announced initiating an agreement for rehabilitating al-Muthana Bridge in northern Baghdad. The agreement has been signed with Ministry of Housing, and cost of the agreement is around five billion dinars.
Abdel Baset Turki, head of REFAATO, stated, “REFAATO is paying great attention to the vital areas, particularly roads and bridges. The World Bank is willing to support Iraq to build and rehabilitate its destructed areas, thus Muthana Bridge rehabilitation project was funded with five billion, nine million and 855 thousand dinars.”
He also mentioned, “Muthana Bridge is a vital one, so REFAATO agreed with the Ministry of Housing to build and rehabilitate this bridge that will be executed by al-Mutasim Company under the supervision of roads and bridges department in the ministry.”
Updated 17 Aug 2016 | Soruce: IRAQI NEWS |
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