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Iraq eyes on 3D printed homes for rebuilding the country

Iraq eyes on 3D printed homes for rebuilding the country
World has experienced the rise of ISIS, which led Iraq is deep economic worries. After devastated completely due to US led invasion, the country was trying to revive slowly. However, the efforts had gone in vein due to rise of ISIS. After trying for a few years, Iraqi armed force has successfully cornered the violent militant group ISIS.
Now, it is the time for rebuilding the country again, matching brick by brick. As Iraqi government looks for quick solutions, 3D printed homes are just something that can help the country immensely.
Iraqi Ministries of Planning, Housing, Finance, Water Resources, and from the Ministry of Finance and Economy of Iraqi Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Regional Planning Department have taken 3D printed home very seriously. Officials traveled to WinSun’s Suzhou office, China to look at the 3D printed homes.
The Assistant Director of the Iraqi Ministry of Planning, Abbas Fadi Abbas Ka Demi had led the delegation to China for this purpose.
WinSun is a global leader in the field of 3D printing construction technology. Back in 2014, the company had made a terrific achievement by building ten 3D printed houses just within 24 hours.
Updated 23 Aug 2016 | Soruce: 3Ders | By S.Seal
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