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To Discuss Over the Applications of Raman Technology, Seminar Held by the University of Kirkuk

A seminar has been held by the College of Science at the University of Kirkuk. The motion of the seminar was the applications of Raman spectroscopy technology. Students and faculties participated in this seminar to en-rich their knowledge.
The department of Physics, at the college, organized this symposium, where Raman techniques have been discussed. It is to be added that Raman technology is the most accurate in the world in the field of materials spectra as well as a wide range of scientific applications.
The possibilities of using Raman technology in the field of medical science also discussed in the seminar. The technology can be hugely applied in the area of anesthesia applications, nanotechnology and agricultural science.
The symposium also stressed over the point of investing in the field of technology to boost the overall performance of the country.
Updated 27 Mar 2013 | Soruce: Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research | By S.Seal
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