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Completion of 70% of the project breakwater for the port of Faw

Completion of 70% of the project breakwater for the port of Faw
On Tuesday, the General Company for Iraqi Ports has announced the achievement rate in the first part of Faw Port development. It has been revealed that development in eastern breakwater is around 70 percent and in addition to that works have been started in the western breakwater.
The director of the Iraqi ports Omran Radi said that "the company is executing the project of eastern breakwater, which was completed approximately 5.8 km from a total of 8 km and that of an estimated 70% of the project."
He also explained, "The project will be completed according to the scheduled time at the end of 2014 & work is starting with the implementation of the western breakwater to determine the shape of the port of Faw later."
He further stated that "high waves on the north side of the Persian Gulf forced the Greek company to use 5 tons block rocks imported from Ras Al Khaimah in United Arab Emirates."
The foundation for the port of Faw was placed by the Ministry of Transportation back in the year of 2011, in the month of April. It has been also planned that the port of Faw will be connected to the railway line linking the Parisian Gulf through Iraqi ports in northern Europe through Turkey.
Updated 16 Jul 2014 | Soruce: Al Ghad Press | By S.Seal
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