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Theft of 500 billion Iraqi dinars have been unveil in Central Bank investigation in Iraq

The central bank of Iraq, announced on last Thursday that it will form a committee in order to investigate a theft of 500 billion dinar from the large bank accounts of al-Rafidain Bank.
In a statement, CBI has revealed that one of the employees in al-Rafidain Bank committed a number of irregularities on the bank accounts in favor of some customers by transferring large funds from large bank accounts to the accounts of those customers.
The statement concluded, “The Central Bank of Iraq has decided to form an investigative committee just a day after it was acknowledged about the incident,” noting that, “The total amount of money that will be funded back to al-Rafidain Bank from the customers’ accounts is 500 billion dinar.”
Updated 07 Dec 2014 | Soruce: Iraqi News | By S.Seal
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