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Zakho of Iraqi Kurdistan turns into drug gateway

Zakho of Iraqi Kurdistan turns into drug gateway
The Kurdistan Region’s Independent Commission for Human Rights said that Zakho, a district of the region, has turned into gateway of drug trafficking through Iran, Syria and Turkey.

Head of the commission, Zya Pitros, said that Zakho has become a bridge for transferring drugs from Iran to Turkey and Syria.

Commission head stated, “According to the information we have received, drugs are entering Zakho from Iran as it is a border area.”
He also added, “Part of it is exported to Turkey and Syria. What this means is that Zakho has become a bridge.”

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) Anti-Drug Directorate in Sulaimani, Jalal Amin Bag, said that drug trading has been increased since 2016.

Security officials claimed that most of the trading for drug happens from Iran to Kurdistan region.
Updated 24 May 2017 | Soruce: NRT TV | By S.Seal
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