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Enough wheat and barley collected by Iraq in 2014

Enough wheat and barley collected by Iraq in 2014
Diwaniya Agriculture Department confirmed reaching the self-sufficient level of producing the strategic crops of Wheat and Barley.
Director of Diwaniya Agriculture Department Mohammed Abed Hussein al-Jubouri stated, "This season was so productive in Iraq in general and Diwaniya in particular since the province achieved the self-sufficient of producing the wheat and barley crops in the province for the first time."
He added, "Diwaniya needs 140,000 tons of wheat crop monthly and farmers have marketed nearly 120,000 tons beside 40,000 tons of barley till now," noting that "Marketing of both crops is still continuous."
Updated 21 Jun 2014 | Soruce: AIN | By S.Seal
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