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Bank of Baghdad has confirmed the appointment of its new managing director

Bank of Baghdad (BOB), an Iraq based company, has confirmed the appointment of Mr. Faisal Al- Haimus as Managing Director of the Bank.
Mr. Al -Haimus has over twenty years of banking experience and has held various executive positions in regional and international banks including Standard Chartered, HSBC and Mashreq Bank.
"We are pleased to announce Mr. Al- Haimus's confirmation as the Managing Director" said BOB Chairman Mr. Usam Al Sharif "he brings with him a wealth of local and international experience that will be instrumental in implementing our vision for the bank to maintain its lead position among private Banks in Iraq and its contribution for the development of the Iraq economy.
"I am honored by my new assignment at Bank of Baghdad, the bank has an excellent reputation and prospects, I had the opportunity to familiarize myself with the bank in the last few month in a consultancy capacity and I feel confident that with the support of the staff we shall be able to further upgrade the Bank to exceed the expectation of our local and international clients," declared Mr. Al Haimus.
Updated 10 Nov 2014 | Soruce: Radio Dijla | By S.Seal
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