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US senator urged for full cooperation between Baghdad and KRG on Mosul

US senator urged for full cooperation between Baghdad and KRG on Mosul
During his visit to Kurdistan region, an American senator stated that Baghdad and Erbil must show full coordination along with international coalition to fight the battle in Mosul. On last Friday, The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Premier Nechirvan Barzani received a US delegation headed by Texas Senator John Cornyn. The upcoming battle of Mosul, an anticipated wave of internally displaced persons (IDPs), and relations between Erbil and Baghdad were the main topics of the meeting.
As per a statement, “US Senator Cornyn has expressed American appreciation and thanked the Kurdish people and the KRG for receiving and hosting a high number of refugees and IDPs that fled from ISIS, and the KRG’s provision of necessary services for them.”
Cornyn asked the KRG to have full coordination with Baghdad and the coalition in the Mosul battle. He stated that all parties should consider the concerns of the people of Mosul and the Sunnis after the defeat of ISIS in the city.
In the meeting, he also stated, “It is necessary to have full coordination between Baghdad, the KRG and the coalition and to take into account the concerns of the Mosul people and Sunnis; the rights of all should be protected.”
He repeated US support for the KRG in hosting new IDPs from Mosul.
The statement also added, “He has expressed his support for the KRG as a high number of IDPs are expected to flee to the Kurdistan Region during the liberation of Mosul. The international community will provide more support for the Kurdistan Region.”
Prime Minister Barzani welcomed the senator’s visit and comments, and said, “The Kurdistan Region always tried to receive and help IDPs. But the Kurdistan Region’s capacity is limited. Therefore the international community, especially the US, should provide needed support.”
Barzani also extended his thanks to the United States and all coalition members who from the beginning of the war on ISIS have provided military support to the Kurdistan Region.
Addressing the KRG’s relations with Iraq, Barzani said, “The KRG is ready via dialogue to solve all the problems with Baghdad. And, militarily, soon we will have a meeting between both sides to have more collaboration.”
He further added, “But there should be full clarity on the political, security, social, construction, and humanitarian situations in Mosul.”

Updated 29 Aug 2016 | Soruce: RUDAW | By S.Seal
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