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Iraqi oil export was around 95 mln barrels in June 2016

Iraqi oil export was around 95 mln barrels in June 2016
On last Monday, Iraq’s Ministry of Oil has announced that the country has exported around 95 million barrels of oil during June from the central and southern oil fields.
Essam Jihad, spokesperson of oil ministry of Iraq, stated, “According to the official statics obtained from the State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO), the total exports during June 2016 from the central and southern oil fields reached 95 million and 300 thousand barrels. The returns witnessed a slight increase in June compared to May 2016 and it reached 3.829 billion US dollars, while the barrel price reached $40.178 US dollars.”
He also informed that no oil has been exported from southern oilfield Basra. No quantity of oil too has been exported via Ceyhan Port as the region has shown least commitment to oil agreement with the federal government.
Updated 30 Jul 2016 | Soruce: Hellenic Shipping News | By S.Seal
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